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Welcome to Hivelr. Business Journal

Hivelr. Business Journal is the platform to explore the ideas that take shape. Hivelr. (pronounced “hiveler”) was derived from beehive (hive) and...

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Today, I am excited to launch Hivelr officially. Business Journal, an open publishing platform to deliver the most recent insight about the business written by the business community, for the community. News media is to report events as they occur, but Hivelr. Business Journal is the platform to explore the ideas that take shape.

Hivelr. Business Journal brings information, analysis, and inspiration about leadership, disruptive innovation, organization, strategic management, investment, economics, marketing, corporate finance, accounting, personal finance, portfolio construction, asset pricing, stock and market analysis, entrepreneurship, value chain, technology, data science, business education, life, and many more.


Hivelr. (pronounced “hiveler”) was derived from hive-mind (hive) and learning (or.), designed as an ecosystem for lifelong learning. Think of Hivelr. Business Journal as YouTube for publishing platform allows the authors to share their articles and earn income based on valid views. At the same time, the audience can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and ideas.

I founded Hivelr. Business Journal because I was inspired by Professor Larry DeBrock and Professor Hadi Esfahani to curate the news that matters, analyze them based on facts and data to really understand the underlying issues, come up with unbiased conclusions, share the insight, and engage in meaningful discussions. During the MBA program, I also really enjoyed the writing assignments, peer review, forum discussions, iMBA TV discussions, and the ability to gain insight from the faculty and other students in almost all the MBA courses. But, unfortunately, this opportunity ends when many other students and I graduate. I do not want the business learning to stop here. Therefore, I created  Hivelr. Business Journal to become one of the lifelong learning platforms for students, faculty, alumni, and beyond.

I believe that effective lifelong learning is about the community. It should be interactive, not just a one-way process. It is nearly impossible to have an effective discussion with so many people in a webcast. Still, it is possible to have great engagement by publishing journal articles and interacting in discussion boards (post comment). I want everyone in Hivelr. Business Journal to have an equal voice. I want them to be heard and discovered because my missions are to remove any publishing barriers and create a platform that allows people and organizations to share and discover their greatest minds.

I also recognize our community’s strong desire, and unmet needs to have a platform to publish their articles. The mainstream media such as HBR, business news, and magazine, and academic journals have so many publishing barriers and limit the freedom of expression, information, and opportunity. While many publishing platforms such as Workplace, LinkedIn Publishing, and Medium are overcrowded, focused on social media, and perceived as a substandard publication. Therefore, my main motivation to develop Hivelr. Business Journal is to:

  • Remove any publishing barriers by providing a free and user-friendly publishing platform and provide the opportunity to earn income based on valid views.
  • Provide an opportunity for peers to review, evaluate, and provide constructive feedback by providing features such as view count, star rating, claps, bookmark, share, and comments.
  • Provide an opportunity for the authors to professionally showcase their articles with academic standards in a concise, clear, and clean format so the articles can be cited and used as a reference for other publications.
How do I get here

My journey started in the Fall of 2019, when I took Professor Tom Parkinson’s entrepreneurship class in my last semester in the MBA program. In the assignments, he wanted us to come up with a startup idea and guided us throughout the course on how to come up with a business idea, develop a business model, create a financing strategy, and launch it. I have followed every single step in his class from Module 1-8 for the last 11 months, and here I am today to launch my startup idea into a reality.

Thank you to the MBA community for the ongoing support throughout this journey, especially Zim Okafor, by challenging me with a series of tough questions and providing me with thought-provoking feedback. I hope Hivelr. Business Journal can answer your unmet needs, keep us connected, grow your network, help your career and financial goals, and get extra income, especially during the economic lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hivelr. Business Journal can only be successful with your contribution to publish and share your articles, engage in meaningful discussions, get the word out, and support our advertising. I believe earning an MBA degree is not just about getting a good GPA and promotion at work, but it is about applying what you have learned and “go out to the world, and be successful” not just for yourself but for others.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” — Louis L-Amour.

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Written by Leonardo Hadi
Quantitative hedge fund investor and Professional Engineer, holding an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Profile

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