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Hivelr Business Review Editor: Leonardo Hadi. Professional Engineer, Quantitative Hedge Fund Investor, and MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Hivelr is a platform that combines the power of crowdsourcing and AI to offer in-depth, unbiased, and thought-provoking analysis on various business, economic, and investment topics. Hivelr facilitates the sharing of knowledge and learning among users through the discovery of new business ideas, evaluation of stocks, and examination of current economic policies. The goal of Hivelr is to empower users to make informed, strategic, and profitable business decisions in a disruptive world.

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Amazon (AMZN): Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

Innovation, customer focus, and diversification are Amazon's key competitive advantage.

Navigate Volatility: Strategies for Building a Resilient Portfolio

Dos and Don’ts of Investing in a Volatile Market.

Oil Price Volatility: Understanding the Causes and Consequences

Changes in supply and demand, geopolitical risks, and currency fluctuations cause the oil price volatility.

Federal Reserve: How Monetary Policy Influences Stock Market

One way to predict stock market trends is to have a deep understanding of the upcoming monetary policy decisions...

Starbucks (SBUX): Why Invest in Premium Brand?

Being a premium brand allows Starbucks to increase profitability, differentiate itself from competitors, attract high-value customers

Bitcoin: PESTEL and Macro-Environmental Analysis

Bitcoin operates in a rapidly changing environment and must navigate a complex set of PESTEL factors.

Jan 14 · 6 min read >

Apple, Inc. (AAPL): Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

Apple operates in a highly competitive market, but the company has a strong brand, diversified product portfolio, and strategic...