Editor’s Picks

Hivelr: Customer Value Proposition

Hivelr offers a unique perspective going beyond the “where,” “what,” and “who” of traditional media to focus on the “how” and “why.”

1973 Energy Crisis

The crisis reshaped global geopolitics, underscoring the influence of oil-producing nations and prompting countries to consider geopolitical factors in...

Keynesian Economics

Emphasizing the role of government intervention in managing aggregate demand and promoting economic stability through fiscal policy.

How Money is Created

The fractional reserve system stimulates lending and economic growth, but carries inherent risks of inflation and financial instability.

The Fed’s Dilemma: Balancing Inflation and Economic Growth

Is the Federal Reserve effectively balancing inflation and economic growth?

How AI Revolutionizes Finance

Explores how AI revolutionizes trading and investment, the potential job loss and gain, and future outlook.

What Successful Companies Do Differently

Learn what sets successful companies apart from the rest. Discover the strategies and practices they use to thrive in...

Quantitative Finance for Hedge Fund Managers: An Introduction

Exploring the key concepts about quantitative finance, including Modern Portfolio Theory and Algorithmic Trading.

Inflation: Causes, Effects, and Investment Strategies

Key concepts of inflation, what causes inflation, and how inflation affects investments.