The Economics of Goldman Sachs

Exploring the investment banking industry and how Goldman Sachs navigate volatile economic and market conditions.

What is Bank Run?

Learn more about what a bank run is, its causes, and its potential consequences.

Mar 15 · 10 min read >

The Economics of Netflix

Netflix's continued success relies on its agility to respon market dynamics and offer a unique user experience.

Roblox: Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

How Roblox navigate challenges from competitors, substitutes, and changing market trends in an intense online gaming industry.

The Economics of Tesla

Examining how Tesla operates, what makes it unique, and what challenges it faces.

The Fed’s Dilemma: Balancing Inflation and Economic Growth

Is the Federal Reserve effectively balancing inflation and economic growth?

Costco: Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

Explore the key challenges facing Costco, such as competition, supply chain disruptions, and shifts in consumer behavior.

Global Macro: A Winning Hedge Fund Strategy Against Systematic Risks

Strategy to manage systematic risks and generate alpha in the financial markets.

How the Japanese Yen Rules the Global Financial Markets

Exploring Yen's dominance in global financial markets, its impact on investors, and implications for the future.

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