Publishing Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines

Welcome to Hivelr. Our mission is to promote independent analysis, empower everyone to share ideas, and inspire people to make better financial decisions. We believe that everyone has the right to be better, smarter, and wealthier if they want to pursue it. Our goal is to provide access to connect a global audience to share and discover the ideas.

Every publication must comply with the publishing policy and service terms to maintain trust in our publishing ecosystem. It requires us to set policies on what the authors can publish. We want to take you through the publishing guidelines to ensure that we maintain high-quality publications for our audience. 

Hivelr prohibits illegal, dangerous, derogatory, misleading, abusing intellectual property rights, plagiarized, malicious, promotional, and implicit contents. Failure to comply may result in suspension or termination of your account and publication. Read Publication Policy


Our goal is to provide a user-friendly publishing platform that allows our authors to publish independent analyses, grow their audience and discover ideas. Our mission is to remove publishing barriers, provide an opportunity for our authors to showcase their work, and bridge research and practice. We believe in freedom of expression, information, and opportunity.

We aim to remove every barrier that prevents everyone from publishing their analyses and ideas. Likewise, we let our global audience discover your insight and evaluate the quality by providing features for view count, hand clap, star rating, and comments.


Our goal is to provide quality publication in a concise, simple, and clean format supported by data, facts, visual, and in-depth analysis. Hivelr is an ecosystem to curate and analyze the news to understand the underlying issues and engage in unbiased discussions that can improve our business and investment practices in a changing world.


Discussion in comments builds excellent value for a published article. It allows the authors to receive peer review, explore a different perspective, and promote engagement. Hivelr readers use our platform to learn and implement the learnings, but they are responsible for their investment decisions. 

We understand that readers often evaluate the article based on the author’s background on their profile. However, we believe that each piece should be judged on its own merits, as no one knows where the next great idea may come from.