Resources for Writers

Writer guides

Learn more about how to publish your article and grow your audience from Hivelr and other authors in the publishing community.

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Getting started

New to Hivelr? Learn how to set up your Hivelr account, publish an article, and get your first 100 readers. 

  • Setting up your Hivelr account
  • How to use the Hivelr publishing tools and editor
  • Getting your first 100 readers

Earn income

If you are writing and sharing your articles and ready to take the next step, check out our guide about earning income on Hivelr. 

  • Your guide to earn income from writing

Growing your community

As your audience grows, you might start to wonder who your subscribers are and how you can get to know them. Learn how to build communities from our authors. 

  • Building community for your publications

Video, Audio, and Podcasting

Did you know you can use Hivelr to send audio-post and embedded videos and podcasts? Start a podcast, read your posts out loud, or record your thought-provoking ideas

  • How to use Hivelr for podcasts
  • Bringing audio into your posts