Our Story

Our Story

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Leonardo Hadi, P.Eng., MBA
"In my second year of the MBA program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), I attended a class that required me to develop a business idea I'd like to pursue after graduation. At that time, I just completed an investment class taught by an MIT Ph.D. graduate finance professor who introduced me to quantitative finance. It was an intense, eye-opening, and inspiring class because it applied academic research towards hedge fund practices. It provided a scientific approach to investing and produced exceptional returns even in challenging market conditions.

For the class assignment, I came up with a quantitative hedge fund business to apply a scientific approach towards investment solutions. I was assigned to develop the business model, customer value proposition, product-market fit, financing, and marketing plan. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but I felt that it was worth pursuing after graduation.

After months of research, I came up with the name "Hivelr." It came from Hive-Mind (Hive) and Learning (lr). It is about collective intelligence obtained through continuous research and learning. Even though the original business concept was a hedge fund, I started the business as an open publishing platform that provides crowd-sourced content services for investment research, market news, and business journals, called Hivelr Business Journal.

I believe investing is all about the right research, knowledge, and education. I wanted Hivelr Business Journal to become the ecosystem to discover new investment ideas, publish the latest research in finance, and provide actionable market data. The research is created by investors, for investors, carefully reviewed, read, and debated by the global audience. The main goal is to empower investors to make the best decision in the disruptive world.

On the investing front, I founded Hivelr Quantitative Hedge Fund. It is a quantitative investment company trading in global financial markets, dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its investors by strictly adhering to mathematical models, statistical methods, big data, and fundamental analysis.

I eat my own cooking. I invested all of my assets in Hivelr Funds, and Hivelr currently manages funds for accredited investors who believe in the Hivelr investment approach. Hivelr started with a US$66,000 investment in November 2018 and growing to US$639,000 as of November 2021.

The heart of Hivelr Investing is Trust and Reputation. They are the foundation of our business, and I would never ever trade anything else for them. I would rather lose money than lose trust and reputation.

Hivelr Investing is also about providing a successful investment experience. Markets go up, and they go down. The goal of Hivelr Investing is to offer peace of mind, and help investors be prepared, so they can stick with their plan and do not engage in any speculative and emotional decisions.

I want to thank our clients, investors, and people to believe in Hivelr's mission and vision. I hope Hivelr can be your top choice when it comes to investing."