Federal Funds Rate

The Federal Funds Rate is a critical tool for managing an economy’s money supply, inflation, and economic growth.

The History of Innovation Cycles

Innovation is not just about invention; it's about disruption and renewal, led by visionary entrepreneurs.

BRICS: A New Global Order?

BRICS hold the potential to reshape global currency, financial markets, and traditional reserve currencies.

Jun 4 · 16 min read >

Time Value of Money

A fundamental concept in finance that recognizes the changing value of money over time.

May 31 · 12 min read >


A destructive economic phenomenon characterized by soaring prices, eroded purchasing power, and economic instability.

May 26 · 11 min read >

Asset Bubble

Rapid price appreciation, increased trading volume, and excessive optimism can provide warning signs for an asset bubble.

1973 Energy Crisis

The crisis reshaped global geopolitics, underscoring the influence of oil-producing nations and prompting countries to consider geopolitical factors in...

Asian Financial Crisis

The Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s exposed vulnerabilities, prompting reforms in financial systems, governance, and economic models.

May 20 · 11 min read >

Modern Monetary Theory

MMT challenges traditional economic views, emphasizing currency sovereignty, fiscal policy, and the role of government in managing the economy....

May 19 · 8 min read >