What is Hivelr?

Hivelr was initially developed for an MBA class assignment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hivelr (pronounced "hiveler") is the combination between hive-mind (hive) and learning (lr). Philosophically, Hivelr means "Collective intelligence obtained through continuous research and learning."

Today, Hivelr engages in two businesses: Hivelr | Business Journal and Hivelr | Quantitative Hedge Fund.

" To make investors better, smarter, and wealthier."

"Respected, reputable, and trusted brand in investing."

Products and Services

Hivelr | Business Journal

Hivelr | Business Journal is a crowd-sourced content services for investment research, market news, and business journals. Our research is created by investors, for investors, carefully reviewed, read, and debated by our global audience. Our goal is to empower investors to make better decision in a disruptive world.
Hivelr | Quantitative Hedge Fund

Hivelr | Quantitative Hedge Fund is a quantitative investment company trading in global financial markets, dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its investors by strictly adhering to mathematical models, statistical methods, big data, and fundamental analysis.

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