Asset Class Performance: US Micro Cap, Small Cap Value, and Large Cap Growth

The relative underperformance of US Micro and Small Cap stocks compared to US Large Cap Growth stocks challenges the...

Mastercard: Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

Mastercard's competitive advantages and profitability stem from innovation, global accessibility, and diverse financial service offerings.

Understanding Investment Returns: Arithmetic vs. Geometric

Investment returns, whether arithmetic for short-term or geometric for long-term compounding insights, serve as essential guides on successful investing.

Managing Market Liquidity: Central Banks and the Repo Market

Central banks assume a pivotal role in managing market liquidity through their engagement in the repo market to ensure...

Factor-Based Investing

Developing investment portfolios based on factors that have historically led to outperformance or reduced risk.

Aug 19 · 3 min read >

Quantamental Investment

The fusion of quantitative analysis and fundamental insight unlocks smarter decisions and adaptable strategies.

BlackRock (BLK): Porter’s Five Forces Industry and Competition Analysis

To stay ahead, BlackRock must innovate, deliver strong performance, manage costs, and build strong client relationships.

Time Value of Money

A fundamental concept in finance that recognizes the changing value of money over time.

May 31 · 12 min read >

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Supporters cite empirical evidence and quick information incorporation, while critics highlight anomalies and biases.