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Asset Class Performance: US Micro Cap, Small Cap Value, and Large Cap Growth

The relative underperformance of US Micro and Small Cap stocks compared to US Large Cap Growth stocks challenges the...

Understanding Investment Returns: Arithmetic vs. Geometric

Investment returns, whether arithmetic for short-term or geometric for long-term compounding insights, serve as essential guides on successful investing.

Time Value of Money

A fundamental concept in finance that recognizes the changing value of money over time.

May 31 · 12 min read >

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Supporters cite empirical evidence and quick information incorporation, while critics highlight anomalies and biases.

CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Model

Valuable insights into the risk and return relationship and has shaped the field of finance and investment analysis.

Sharpe Ratio: How to Identify Winning Investments

A powerful tool for allowing investors to evaluate the efficiency of generating returns relative to the level of risk...

Top Stocks in High Inflation Economy

Energy, materials, healthcare, consumer staples, real estate, and financial stocks have historically performed well in a high inflation economy.

Alternative Investments

Unique opportunities for investors seeking diversification and higher returns with higher risks compared to traditional investments.

Interest Rates and the Stock Market

Investors should be aware of the impact of interest rates on their investments and adjust their strategies accordingly.