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Earnings Calendar (Nov 16 – Nov 20): Walmart, Nio, Nvidia, and more

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The earnings between November 16 – 20, 2020 are dominated by the Chinese companies listed on the United States stock exchanges.

The US companies reporting earnings this week are Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Nvidia.

Earnings Calendar November 16-20, 2020

Chinese companies earnings domination

The Chinese economy’s v-shaped recovery helps the Chinese companies report positive earnings in the third quarter. Economic recovery is largely driven by consumption, mainly from the middle class and Millennials.

This week’s earnings are expected to boost Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 Information Technology sector as Chinese companies will potentially get the boost from the Chinese domestic consumption, driven by young demography.

Below is the list of the Chinese companies reporting earnings between November 16-20, 2020:

JD.com is an e-commerce company based in Beijing, China. JD.com has a similar business model as Alibaba and Amazon. The company has invested a large amount of capital in AI and robotic for its delivery system infrastructure. JD.com has a market capitalization of $138.97 billion.

KE Holding Inc. is an online payment company for housing transactions in China. The business includes a transaction platform for new home sales, rental, home renovation, brokerage, and financial solutions. KE Holding Inc. has a market capitalization of $81.77 billion.

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Baidu is an internet search and online video sharing company based in Beijing, China. The company has a similar business model as Google and Yahoo. The main revenue is online marketing and AI solutions for cloud and autonomous driving. Baidu has $49.48 billion in market capitalization.

Sogou Inc. is an internet search company in China. The government censorship of US-based company has helped the local company to grow and serve a nearly 1.4 billion population with 64% of productive-age [1], or nearly 900 million people. The market capitalization is $3.4 billion.

Nio Limited is a Chinese electric car company based in Shanghai. The company manufactures electric vehicles in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. The company produces five to seven-seater electric SUVs. Nio is the main competitor for Tesla. The company’s market capitalization is $60.95 billion.

US companies earnings report

Walmart and Target will report the earnings on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, both companies are expected to have positive earning driven by stimulus and a large global consumer base. The company is part of the consumer staples sector, which makes up about 7% of the US economy.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are part of the consumer discretionary sector. The stay-at-home order and low-interest rate drive the consumers to start on home renovation projects, which create a shortage of lumber and other building materials. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are benefited from the coronavirus pandemic.

Nvidia is expected to report positive earnings as the information technology sector is benefited the most from the pandemic. Virtual working, e-commerce, and online entertainment are the backbone of Nvidia’s earnings as the company sells graphic processing units.

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